Pencils and Planes



Most of my work is done with pencil and paper. Once the sketch is client approved, I scan it and redraw it in Adobe Illustrator. I sketch at my drawing table, bed, sitting in the grass in my backyard, on my deck, at my dining room table, on my kids’ bedroom floors while they play, under trees, on picnic tables, in coffee shops, in the car during road trips…but I cannot sketch on an airplane. I don’t get it. I have tried but I just cannot put pencil to paper on an airplane. I can work on my laptop from the middle seat squashed between strangers but I cannot sketch. Aisle, middle, window seat – it doesn’t matter. The paper in my lap will stay blank.

In sleuthing the reason, I have only come up with 2 possibilities as to why I can’t draw on an airplane.
1) Maybe I need more elbow room. Maybe it’s the lack of space and freedom to move my arms.
2) Maybe I’m just completely self conscious. Sketchbooks always seem to draw attention. I wonder if there were no wandering eyes next to me if I would be able to sketch freely.

Any thoughts, folks? Are you able to draw at high altitude?

Happy creating!

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  1. Ajaytao2010 says:

    Where is the like button dear Karen 🙂

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