My Top 3 Toys for Kids

I love when I have an excuse to buy toys for my kids. I think I enjoy playing as much as they do. I suppose it helps keep me young, young at heart anyway. After spending many hours down on the floor wearing out the knees of my jeans playing with my kids putting many tiny plastic pieces together, I have come up with my Top 3 Toys.

3) GeoTrax

GeoTrax Christmas Town

GeoTrax Christmas Town

This is an absolute gem made by Fisher-Price. Toddlers love trains.  The pieces are rugged and easy to snap together and take apart. There is a train you can run with a very easy to control remote or you can sit and zoom the trains around yourself. My favorite buildings are the Grand Central Station because the track starts up high and loops around to the floor and the Big City Rainbow Bridge because it lights up as the train crosses over it. GeoTrax have even lasted well into childhood as 7 years later, my son and I still create Christmas Town every year using GeoTrax as a base and adding fairy lights, fake snow, candy canes, snowmen and dozens of other toys. It’s become a tradition in our house.

2) Lego Duplo Creative Cakes



I have put many tiny shoes back on Disney princesses and fought to get little rubber outfits back on Polly Pocket for my daughter. Nothing has been as simple to piece together and has held her attention like the Lego Duplo Creative Cakes.  I have had quite a few child made plastic birthday cakes brought to me while I’m working. You can make cupcakes, cakes, and pies and it even comes with candles. And of all the toys in my house, this is the toy that children always gravitate to on play dates. Boys and girls enjoy it equally and it has stimulated a lot of role play and created fight-free play time in my house.

1) Paper! Paper! Paper!



I can never have enough paper around. I save all my work sketches so that my kids can draw on the back of them. Cheap printer paper is great for kids. My dining room table has become an art and craft center. I leave out lots of paper, crayons, markers, and pencils for whenever children feel that creative urge or for a place to steer them when they’re looking around bored. Paper is always waiting for your creative input.

And there you have it, my Top 3 Toys for kids. I am off to the floor to deliver tiny plastic cupcakes to Darth Vader patiently waiting at the end of the train track.

Happy playing and happy creating!

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